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Kindly give me a name for my business in Lucknow.

We recommend " Sanee Global" or "Exfinity International" or "Ace International" or "Arien Exim" or "Wonder Craft" or "Sea Rock Exim" or "Carft Value Internaional"

Kindly suggest me a best name for my twin daughters born on ** - 02- 2007.
-Yogesh Salian

You have following names based on numerology:-
Ananya Salian
Alisha Salian
Ishaanvi Salian
Isshya Salian
Ipsaa Salian
Arya Salian
Astha Salian
Ashma Salian
Adhara Salian
Ilisha Salian
Inehsa Salian
Ila Salian

We have kept our daughter name as a Vidhushi Verma. Her date of birth is ** - ** - 2004. Is it correct? -Vandana Varma

You should name your child as a "Vidusshi Verma" or "Vidushii Rajiv Verma" only

Can you analyse my name as per numerology? My date of birth is ** - 8- 1971

We recommnd following name for your business
Sheet Metal Form Private Limited
Apex Metals Form Private Limited
Icon Fabrication Private Limited
Nutech Steel Form Private Limited


We have a new born girl child & her date of birth is ** -12- 2007. We are looking a numerology based name starting with "S"
-Rajendra Pandloskar

Following names are good for your child based on numerology:-
Shipra Pandloskar
Shamitaa Pandloskar
Sonikaa Pandloskar
Sanaa Pandloskar
Saanwari Pandloskar
Smrithi Pandloskar
Swaonaali Pandloskar
Suniti Pandloskar

Please analyse & advice on my name as per numerology to success in my business. My date of birth is ** -8- 1971.
-Asit Satam

We recommend change in name as a “Asitt B Satam” or“Aaseit Satam” or "Asytt B Satam"



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