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We provide professional numerology consultation for Business, Individual, New Born Baby names, Relationship compatibility. We also provide specialized services for lucky mobile numbers, lucky colour and number for your vehicle, auspicious date for house warming, lucky colours, business logo and business cards.


Nitien Parmar is a professional numerologist and  Vastu expert from Mumbai, India. He has gained a reputation for providing confidential and effective services combined with substantial authenticate knowledge about numerology. All numerology reports are prepared under the personal supervision as well as the guidance of Mr. Nitien Parmar. His clients include high profile Individuals, Corporates, Hotels, Hospitals, Industrialist, Television Actors, Artists, Cricket and also Sports Professionals. He has clients from USA, UK, London, Japan, France, Germany, Srilanka, Canada, Israel, Australia, South Africa, China, England, and many other places. His work has been featured in local and national newspapers and magazines like DNA, Mid-day, and also  Mumbai Samachar.

He has also delivered lectures at various universities and Clubs. Furthermore, he publishes bio monthly bulletin”Ancient Science for Modern World”, which is posted and emailed to regular clients and subscribers.

Consultation services

Business Numerology Analysis, Business profile

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  • When you want to make decisions, maybe big or small.
  • Choose the best time to start something new -either a new project or venture.
  • Know waiting time for the most important move in business and life.
  • Want to select the most impressive yet harmonious name for your business.
  • Evaluate the present business name and its positive as well as negative effects.
  • Selecting the best yet lucky design for a business card as well as a logo.
  • It also helps to check the compatibility of business partners.
  • Know-why some situations keep re-occurring.

Personal  Numerology- Name correction, Name Analysis, Personal profile

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  • When you find that you are not successful in your personal as well as professional life.
  • Life is full of Struggles.
  • When you find your efforts are not rewarded or less recognized. As a result, you may be depressed or feeling down.
  • When you are not finding harmony with a life partner, maybe a complication.
  • Want to evaluate the present name and also its effects.
  • You can discover and even utilize your hidden strength by getting numerology reading.
  • It may help you to connect unexplored opportunities.

New Born Baby Numerology, Child Profile

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  • Choosing the perfect baby name is one of the most important things you will ever do for your child.
  • A numerology based name will create intelligent qualities such as leadership, generous, reliable, and also intellectual.
  • Numerology offers a most auspicious and lucky name for newborn baby. We provide ten most suitable as well as harmonious names according to the numerology. We also have a huge collection of data on baby names.

Financial Numerology-For Stock Market and Investments

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  • It will show you an investment pattern suitable to you based on your date of birth.
  • It will guide you on a sector i.e. power, steel, infrastructure, etc., where you will have more profit and sound portfolio.
  • Financial reading will provide you a most auspicious period good for the investment
  • It will guide you on the number/quantity of shares/bonds you should buy.
  • It will warn you by indicating a  period you should avoid for the investment. Therefore, you become alert in advance.

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Nitien Parmar is a  practising numerologist and  Vastu consultant providing his services worldwide
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