• We are blessed with a girl baby child born on ** – ** – 2007. Please suggest the best name starting with Ras our astrologer suggested to have a name starting with the alphabet “R”. -Madappa

Rolie PM or Raima PM or Rudrani Madapa or Rabhya Madappa or Rajikaa PM or Risha Padappa or Richee Madappa or Renie P M or Ramya P M or Rishva O M

  • We are looking for the most modern name for our baby boy. The date of birth is ** – ** – 2007 born in Mumbai. I have a naming ceremony next week, so need quick name suggestions.  -Taranath Shetty

“Neerav Shetty” OR “Chintan Shetty” OR “Arnav Shetty” OR “Ishan Shetty” OR “Madan Shetty” OR “Dev Shetty” OR “Riken Shetty” OR “Ved Shetty” OR “Devang Shetty” OR “Pranav Shetty”.

  • We are business of manufacturing spares for ball pens. Please provide us with a name for our new proprietory firm. My date of birth is ** – ** – 1966-Satish Nair

Eden Global, Trance Wings, Onus Internaional, Avenue Global, Writech India.

  • My name is Srinibash Sahoo & my date of birth is ** – ** – 1963. Do I need a name correction – Srinibash Sahoo

We suggest to make a name correction as a Srinibaash Sahoo or Srinibash Sahu or Srinibash Saahoo to have more fortunate life.

  • I wish to name my son Pranshu Agrawal and his date of birth is ** – ** – 2007. Is it correct as per numerology? I do not want to change the name but okay with any change in the alphabet. -Pradeep Agrawal

We advice you to make a correction in name as a Praanshu Agrawal (adding alphabets A). This will bring his name compatible as per numerology.

  • Kindly suggest to me a few good names for my child born on ** – ** – 2007. I request you to provide names to start with alphabet A.-Anup, Ahmedabad

Arrav Jhawar(Meanign peaceful), Arnavv Jhaver(Meaning ocean), Arryan Jhawar(of the aryaman race)Arnesh Jhawar(Lord of the sea)

  • My name is Tina Singh. My date of birth is ** – ** – 1982. I need a name correction as per numerology.-Tina Singh

You should immediately change your name to Tinaa S Singh to bring it in harmony with your date of birth.

  • I am Prabhjot Kaur & my date of birth is ** – ** – 1997. I need a name correction as per numerology. The forum is helpful. -Prabhjot

As per numerology calculation your name is in harmony with your date of birth. You do not need a change in name.

Your lucky colour is Grey, Green, White and brown.

Use it in clothing, personal accessories, vehicles, electronics etc. to gain maximum benefits of colour.

Avoid partnership or relationship with number 4.

Schedule all your important work on Wednesday and Friday.

Wear green aventurine which is most lucky for you.


Stop being critical at all the time.

  • Give me a good business name for my aromatic business. Its LLP firm.-Shubh

We recommend- Grace Aromatics LLP, Infinity Fragrances LLP,  Shubham Fragrances LLP,  Eastinn Aromatics LLP,  Supreme Aromatics LLP,Gloria Fragrances LLP, Shubh Asiatic Fragrances LLP, Ikon Aromatics LLP,  Elegant Fragrances LLP,  Oro Aromatics International LLP.

Tagline for your business- “magic of fragrance”

  • Kindly recommend a business name for my food hospitality business.-U. Shetty

We recommend- Unicorn Food Services Private Limited, Unicorn Food LLP, Swift Hospitalities Private Limited,  Swift Food Services LLP,  Skala Hospitalities Private Limited,  Skala Food Services LLP, Grill Food Private Limited, Grill Food Hospitality LLP,  Chef Master Hospitalities Private Limited (9),  Chef Master Essentials LLP,  Eastin Hospitalities Private Limited, Eastin Food Services LLP

  • My date of birth is ** – 09 – 1995. Kindly suggest me few options for lucky mobile number-Priyesh

You mobile number must arrive with total 6 in single digit after adding all the numbers. Your mobile number should have 6 or 9 number repeated several time. Buy your mobile on 6th, 15th or 24th of any month. Buy mobile on Wednesday or Friday. If it falls in combination with any of the above day  then it becomes more auspicious. White, Blue, Pink and yellow are most auspicious colours for you. Buy mobiles with any of these colours.

  • I am planning to purchase a new house in Thane. I have options to buy house numbers 401, 1801 and 2101. Which is the best suitable number for me. My date of birth is  ** – 09 – 1966. -Gajendra, Thane

Based on date of birth, you should buy a house number 1801 which will prove lucky for you and your family. We recommend to make your number plate in golden metallic colour.

  • I need a suggestion on mobile number. My date of birth is  ** – 12 – 1968 – Hiya Darji, Mumbai

1. Total of your mobile should be 1 after reducing it to single digit.
2. Your number should have 1,3,9 number repeated several times.
3. Avoid 8 in your mobile number
4. Use silver color mobile.

  • I need a suggestion on a mobile number. My date of birth is  ** – 10 – 1991- Durga Thakur

1. The total of your mobile should be 2 after reducing it to a single digit.
2. Your number should have 2,7 repeat several times.
3. Avoid 4 and 8 in your mobile number
4. Use a blue-colored mobile.

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