Business Card & Logo Suggestions

Business card and Logo’s are critical aspect of business marketing. The impression your business card and  logo requires careful effort while designing both. Hence well designed card combined with numerology element is an essential part of any business marketing strategy.

Business Card & Numerology

What will happen when your personal or business card, logos, and business stationaries are not properly designed and it does not leave a positive impression?

What if it sends the wrong message and causes other people to misread the information?

This miscommunication can be the biggest culprit for the loss of many business opportunities for you. Worse, your prospects just take your business card with him, forget who you are, and throw your card away.

In today’s business world, all activities are digital- sending emails, scanning and signing important documents, business meetings,  memos, reports, etc.  A Business visiting card is one of the most important communication tool which can not be replaced by any digital channels. When you hand over your card to a client or customer, it is a highly personalized form of networking and marketing. Similarly, a memorable logo makes a beneficial first impression of the company or profession. Creating an auspicious logo should be the first priority when starting a new business. Hence business card and logo are the brand building tools for your business.

A business card with a good numerology element can improve business, increase profits as well as attract more clients. It also attracts better employees,  advisors, and mentors for the business. On the other hand, a business card with bad numerology can create a lot of unwanted worries. Designing your Business Card goes beyond creating an impression. It can harness the energy of numerical vibrations and make people feel like seeing you when they see your business card.

Even if you are running a small business, a business card can be critical to establishing new connections.

Key Consideration while suggesting a Business Card as per Numerology

  1. Type of Business
  2. The personal element  in case of Individual
  3. Business element in case of Company
  4. Business Sector

Key suggestions for Business Card as per Numerology

  1. Business card layout
  2. Placement of key information
  3. Size of business card
  4. The material of the business card
  5. Colors in the card
  6. Fonts to be used
  7. Tag line suggestions

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Logo Design & Numerology


A logo is the instant identification of your business or company. The logo is the signature of the establishment. People immediately understand the business of the company just by looking at the logo. It is one of the prime branding tools for any business or profession. Logos are created to establish the Company’s value and identity.

Different types of businesses or professions are associated with different numerology elements. Each of these elements possesses certain characteristics unique to various types of business.  Important and key consideration goes into choosing a business logo. Why not use concepts from the ancient practice of numerology to help you design the best one for your business?

Logo for startups

When you have a new business start-up and entering a new market, your logo must be a key business promotion tool. Remember, the logo is one of the most important branding investments businesses can make. A  logo can be described as the face of the Company.

Even if you are running a small business, you should consider an attractive logo. Your business can attract more customers by presenting a creative and memorable logo. Such a logo design will be itched in the memory of the people for a long period.

Key Consideration while suggesting a Business Card as per Numerology

  1. Type of Business
  2. Products of the Company
  3. Services offered
  4. The personal element  in case of Individual
  5. Business element in case of Company
  6. Business Sector

Key suggestions for Logo as per Numerology

  1. Logo Shape
  2. Logo Location
  3. Size of the Logo
  4. Colours in the Logo
  5. Fonts in the Logo
  6. Tag line with the font


  • The logo should be easily readable
  • The shape and form of the logo should be easily identifiable to the human eye at distance.
  • Every logo design should clearly communicate the product or service offered by the Company.
  • The logo should not be complex
  • The company logo should not be placed in a hidden way
  • Excessive details should be avoided in the design

The logo design helps to establish and attract auspicious energy to the Company.  A logo should create a positive first impression.

We have recommended logos to various business fields like construction, e-commerce, film, education, schools, manufacturing companies, hotels, food suppliers, advocates, etc. Hire a professional logo designer to create a logo based on our suggestions. This will help you in establishing your credentials for the business.

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Based on your date of birth or date of incorporation of the business, all stationery should have a logo and colours in harmony. This is very useful to know when creating your own business logo shape or choosing an auspicious business card. The shape of your element can further help you to select the best font type for your business card. It is highly advised to use white or similar bright colours. This way lucky color is visible clearly and also personal can write a piece of additional information on the card. As a professional numerologist, we strictly suggest colours based on business or personal element.

Colours has an emotional connection:

  • More than 75% of  customers think that colours boost brand recognition
  • More than 90% of buying decisions are based on visual or graphical perceptions
  • nearly 10% of buyers say that they buy a product because of color

Hence colours draws a positive feedback from the viewers.

Placement of the key information:

Where you place important business information on your business card is crucial to your success. Your business logo, your postal address, emails, phone numbers, company, and personal name should be placed according to your personal or business element.

Business Card & Logo as per Numerology is a part of business numerology consultation.

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Business Card & Logo Numerology Consultation Process:-

  • A. We need following information
    1. Provide us a name & date of birth of owners, partners
    2. Name of the Company
    3. Type of Business
    4. Address of Business
  • B. On receipt of above, our team will contact your via e-mail or telephone
  • C. On receipt of payment for consultation, we will send you a detailed Business Card & Logo numerology Report
  • D. We provide free back up support any time for the above consultation.

Business Card & Logo as per Numerology is a part of business numerology consultation.

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