Importance Of Business Visiting Card & Numerology

Business Card Numerology 

Numerology is a system for interpreting numbers along with alphabets. You will get fantastic information through the interpretation of numbers by the expert. An attractive and eye-catching business card can be an important thing but it can be more helpful if numerology elements are added to the design.  The emotion-evoking elements on your business cards also make your brand recognizable.

Importance of Business Visiting Card as per Numerology 

Connecting people via digital tools is practically impersonal. A card may be a small piece of paper, but that small piece of paper is a key ingredient in your marketing strategy. As a business person, one should understand the significance of developing relationships with professional contacts. In the digital era, the focus is more on paperless communication.

When professionally designed, they communicate as well as positively influence your business message, personality, and values – positively influencing. You can encounter a potential prospect at any time — seminars, tradeshows, industry conferences, airport lounges,  or hotel lobbies. Most noteworthy, it is a road map to multiple opportunities. It could lead you to a new client, a great business partnership, or simply help your business make a strong presence.

Approximately seventy-two percent of people say that they judge the company or brand that a person works for based on the quality of their business cards. Likewise, thirty-nine percent of those who responded to a survey said that they would choose NOT to do business with someone if they had a “cheap-looking” business card.

Important Elements In Designing Business  Card as per Numerology

  • Shape and Size of the Card
  • Colors in the Card
  • Type of Font
  • Placement of various information on the card


Colors representing earth elements like yellow and brown are more suitable for construction industries whereas the same colors cannot be used for water-related business.

Do business visiting cards still have a place in the digital world?

business card numerology advice
Importance Of Business Visiting Card & Numerology 2

In the era of digital networking, a business card is still an important tool for a business connection.  A business card cannot be replaced by any other media tool.  One of the major strengths of business cards is that they’re physical. Your business card is always working for you. Even with email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, people expect you to have a business card.

SMS and Emails can get lost in the spam folders, forgotten, or unintentionally deleted. Business cards are physical – they leave in the hands, purse, pocket, or wallet for a longer period of time. The exchange of cards remains in memory for a longer period of time. It can be converted into a potential prospect or connection in the near future.

Digital communication lacks several essential elements – initial talk, body language, facial expression, authenticity, eye contact, and also a handshake. However, when you only rely on digital communications you’ll miss out on making any genuine personal connection. A mobile or computer can’t look your client in the eye and convey authenticity.

Prospects verify the legitimacy of the business and  to verify, they  look for  specific  details:

  • Who you are
  • What you can do for them
  • Where you’re located
  • How to contact you

People continue to create billions of business cards yearly all over the world.  Reason- they remain a useful tool for connecting with prospects, customers or clients, and fellow business owners and promoting your brand. Some people can use metal cards (based on the personal element), which creates a first great impression. Such exclusive business cards will actually fuel the conversation even further.

Essential Parts of a Business Visiting Card as per Numerology

  • Name of Individual as well as Designation
  • Name of Business
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Web Site
  • Tagline
  • Description of Business

Benefits of business card numerology

  • It builds a brand. Business cards are a visual representation of your brand.
  • It adds a personal touch
  • The exchange of business cards has the advantage of personal eye contact. It mostly converts a new beginning into a real relationship.
  • It is the quickest as well as a direct medium of contact.
  • Presenting a perfectly designed card have a chance of people sharing your business card to their personal network.
  • Always have a pocket full of business cards at all times. It shows that you are a well-prepared as well as focused professional or businessman.
  • It rather creates a solid first impression.
  • The business card is an economical and effective tool for direct business promotion.
  • Your business cards visually represent the business’s identity.


It is very important to keep your business card clean, impressive, and also clear to give people a good first impression.

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