Dear Friends, We do not use software for numerology analysis.  Because numerology study is a personal interpretation. Thousands of websites are available for free numerology report. Also, many of numerologist uses ready software of numerology & what you are getting is an output having no human touch. Numerology is a metaphysical subject and requires personal calculation. It requires detail study and observation, which computer cannot do in any case.

Numerology working requires calculations from many angles and this is not possible in any numerology software. Though computer can work perfectly if the input is fed properly but it can not go to the depth of each number individually. Maybe some numbers are harmonious in those positions but maybe some are not and then how do you know how to act for the best, to ease that disharmony? Only a personal Numerologist with experience of how the numbers can interact portray an individualized chart. So whenever you feel a need for a numerologist, go for detailed analysis of your numbers from a professional numerologist having a good experience.  Numeroscope prepared based on numerology chart and reading gives much accurate reading when prepared by an expert.