How House Number Affects Your Success?

Are you looking for a lucky house with a lucky number? Are you happy in your present residence? Is your house number working against you? Try this little calculation and see whether or not you are suited to your present address. To calculate which number applies to a particular house or apartment, simply add all of the figures in that house number. For example, say your house number is 15, Houston Apartment, Fort, Mumbai. We add 1 & 5. The result is 6. Your personal number should be in harmony with your above house number which is 6.

House number and its impact

House No.Impacts
1Well maintained house,  new projects, Self-reliant & progressive, full of  activities
2Supportive nature, comfort place, Owner hospitable and friendly
3Creative and productive people, lower social activities, perfectionist
4Conflicts and lack of stability, a house with frequent repairs,
5People are frequently traveling, frequent visitors, good for social and media people
6Place of tranquility, love and harmony constant work-related activities
7Water-related issues, good for actors, photographers, more spirituality
8Achievement and reputation, a house with stress or worry
9Frank and initiative people,night owls, accident or burglaries