Naming a New Born Baby

New Born Baby Name Numerology

Naming a newborn baby is an exciting task for the parents. It is a major life decision because their choice of name will have a major impact on their child’s future. Choosing a name should not be stressful and complicated but should be rather an enjoyable process.

For parents, it is the first gift to their child, so the name should be unique and modern. After all, your child will carry that name throughout his/her life. Remember a name that carries meaning and significance is a beautiful gift to give to a brand new person.

The name of the newborn should sound very positive. It is repeated over the years, so it is like a “Mantra” which brings success to the child. Think first of what you want your child’s name to mean. While working on the name, most parents search on Google or other sources to find the meaning.

Sample newborn baby name as per Numerology

Team numerologist has always suggested names with specific meaning. Some of the examples are:-

  • Riona meaning queenly
  • Raisha meaning princess
  • Aarin means full of joy
  • Renan means pure

There is also a risk of attracting all sorts of unwanted comments if the name is difficult to pronounce easily. Nobody prefers to have his/her name mispronounced. Also calling your name should not be challenging to another person. Do not select a weird name that no one can spell properly.  Remember, your newborn child is unable to participate in this process, so keep that in mind when you select the most successful name.

Do some research for newborn baby name

We strongly recommend searching on Google to determine the popularity of the name. Do not choose a name that is too much in trend for a particular time. It is possible that you just might regret it after a few years.

For some parents, religion plays a significant role in name choice. Did you know that the people in southern India have their names from the Sanskrit texts?

Pronunciation of some names creates a positive or negative image. Since a person’s name is often their first introduction to others, always exercise careful consideration when choosing a meaningful name for your new baby.

Finally, if you consider the options carefully and select with pure love, you really can’t go wrong.

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