Numerology & Name number

The name number is obtained by adding the numerological value given to the letters. There are generally three name numbers i.e. first name number, family name number, and full name number. Generally, the name is used with the bank, passport, also a business card. The name number does not have an effect on the destiny number.

Your name will typically be the most recognizable word associated with you and the sounds that comprise it hold a wealth of information about your personality, attitude, strength, and so on.

A person’s name can symbolize a lot of things, such as each letter having a specific significance, the order of the letters showing qualities, frequencies of numbers representing strengths and weaknesses, and spiritual connections and issues.


It is imperative to bear in mind that the label you use to refer to yourself or are addressed as by others is the energy that you radiate and the one that matters most at present.

Again, it is important that you use the name you are most commonly known by or use the most frequently. If you were born Venkatraman, but go by Venkat, then Venkat is the name you will use for analysis.

Individuals (numerologists) with knowledge can detect the strength and magnitude of your character and outlook from the syllables in your name. These words impart a great deal about who you are, your abilities, and other attributes.

Number 1

Name Number One people are often leaders, pioneers, commanders, and boundless sources of energy. Number one people are egotistical as well as dominating.

Number 2

number Two is called a supportive number. They are cooperative, enthusiastic, and good judges of human nature.

Number 3

Number three is the number of Enlightenment and Thoroughness. It is the number of the Trinity. A three is generally intuitive, a sympathetic listener, and an affectionate friend.

Number 4

Number four is inventive and regardless of the obstacles in their path, if they have set their sites, they will attain their goal.

Number 5

Number five is often restless, irritable, moody, and feels the world owes them. But don’t lose faith. These vibrations can be overcome and when that happens, a five is a healthy, thriving, contribution to the world.

Number 6

Name number six people are often misunderstood. They have numerous life experiences and can alter the vibration of the number by calling on these experiences to assemble a core of strength and self-fulfillment.

Number 7

Number seven is Spirituality, Wisdom, and Success. They have usually trusted friends, valuable employees, and vibrant, outgoing personalities. They like to know everything about everything.

Number 8

Number eights are magnetic, independent, determined, progressive, intuitive, and honest. They seldom settle anyplace for any length of time, preferring constant activity, and change of scenery.

Number 9

Number nine is clever, intuitive, active, and extremely philosophical. Quite often nines are telepathic. They have high ideals and standards and expect others to have the same ethics. They easily, and logically solve problems.