Business Names for New Startup Companies

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More and more start-up ventures are entering the technical and business sectors, and are doing so at a rapid pace. Despite their full potential, many still cannot succeed. What’s holding them back, and what can change that? Every startup has at least one idea for them to make big things in the business world.  What makes startup founders different is their willingness to take action to make one of those ideas a reality.

The importance of startup names and numerology

Startup owners must carefully consider the name of their venture after conducting thorough market research and developing a solid business plan. The name is as important as the business idea, financing, and team, in addition to being an important part of the business. Numerology calculations are never disregarded when naming a high-potential startup.

Why should you care so much about choosing the right business name for your start-up?

In a world where millions of business names have already been claimed and trademarked by other companies, you need to have a unique name for your venture. Naming a business is like naming a baby.

The harmonious business name helps you transform your business idea into an incredible money-making opportunity. Naming can be one of the most difficult challenges in the early stages of a startup. But it is a key element in the success of your venture.  The name should be memorable and relevant to your business idea. A name has a big impact on your entire business and future projects.

If you choose the incorrect name now, then you’ll spend days, weeks, or months tracking down a different title in the future. You will also have to work on redesigning your entire marketing toolkit with that name later.

Numerology for Startup names

By understanding that everything in the world is dependent on, and can equate to numbers, a numerologist can take the birthdate and its elements of a startup owner and break them down into meaningful numbers using various systems. The idea behind numerology is that the growth and success of any business are affected by key numbers in the date of birth of the owners.  A numerology study provides great depth while suggesting a business name along with logos and key supporting numbers.

Modern Names – startup Business Names


The selected modern start-up business name for the company should be in harmony with the date of birth of the owners.

Sanskrit – startup Business Names

The very sound of Sanskrit words gives prestige, power, and strength to the race.– Swami Vivekananda

Sanskrit, the word itself means “refined to the most, polished, pure, and “perfect.” Sanskrit can thus open doors for us to a holistic pathway. Sanskrit is arguably the language most connected to human anatomy. It is also said that speaking Sanskrit has the effect of pranayama. No wonder, pronouncing a Sanskrit results in a very positive state of mind!

sanskrit name
Business Names for New Startup Companies 2

Few unique Sanskrit names for business

रीवा- Reeva meaning “One that Moves”

नव्या- Navya meaning “Fresh”

ब्रिहान-Brihaan meaning “Bigger”

आरा- Aara meaning “Light bringer”

इप्सिता-Ipsita meaning “Desired”

अथर्वा-Atharva meaning “knowledge”

अदिन- Adin meaning “Original”

किआन- Kiaan meaning “grace of god”

अनोमा-Anomameaning “”illustrious”

अलीना- Alina meaning “Noble”

अस्मि-Asmi meaning “I am present”

एलिशा-Elisha meaning “Richness”

मायरा-Myra meaning “Favorable”

वेदांग- Vedang meaning “Part of sacred knowledge”

श्रेमन Shreman meaning “Splendor”

The selected Sanskrit startup business name for the company should be in harmony with the date of birth of the owners.

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